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The Kelty Redwing 50 backpack is a shockingly flexible backpack with a middle embracing shape than makes it simple to convey.

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The Kelty Redwing 50 Backpack

Price: $139.95

Is a multi-faceted pack that can be utilized for day climbing, hiking, school, or go with a plenty of pockets and elements to keep your apparatus efficient and open.

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Highlighting another movable length outline, its most noteworthy quality is its versatility for a wide range of sorts of experiences.

Perfect for developing children and grown-ups, the Kelty Redwing 50 has a ton of inventive components that make it an incredible esteem

Interior Storage and Organization

  • The Kelty Redwing 50 backpack has numerous compartments and pockets that give a considerable measure of adaptability by they way you utilize it.

  • The principle compartment at the focal point of the pack can be totally pulled back and opened like you would a travel bag or duffel (called a board loader) or you can keep the pressure straps joined and simply open the highest point of the pack, through a top bring forth take like a routine top stacking knapsack.

The Kelty Redwing 50 Backpack
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  • You can utilize the Redwing 50 as a board loader by fixing the side pressure straps with a specific end goal to completely pull open the primary compartment or as a top loader, by getting to adapt through a top bring forth cover.

  • There's no association inside the primary compartment with the exception of a hydration pocket, which can likewise be utilized to store an expansive tablet. On the off chance that you plan to utilize the Redwing for exploring or day climbing, you'd store the greater part of your cumbersome rigging in this fundamental compartment, which is sufficiently substantial to store a resting pack, tent, sustenance, or a vertically arranged bear canister.

  • There's an open stuff take behind the primary compartment, and a moment shut pocket behind that on the back of the pack. It has numerous little open sleeves for sorting out school or office extras, including a cushioned pocket that is sufficiently expansive to store an iPad.

  • You can slide long questions like trekking shafts, a tripod, angling poles, paddles, skis, and so forth, behind the upper side pockets.

  • The most fascinating pockets on the Redwing are situated over the side work water bottle pockets.

  • They're genuinely substantial, about the span of a cumbersome combine of protected winter gloves, additionally useful for putting away a round and hollow cook pot.

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What's perfect is that you can slip equip behind them, similar to an angling pole, a tripod, trekking shafts, or crosscountry skis even, and keep them from slipping out utilizing the side pressure straps (top and base).

I've never observed anything entirely like them on a knapsack, yet they're a brilliant element for conveying long and awkward items without worrying about them tumbling off your pack.

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Outside Attachment And Compression System:

The Redwing has two side pressure straps on every side, both sufficiently long that you can utilize them to strap bigger things to the side of the pack.

It likewise has two ice hatchet circles on the back of the pack, however no pole holders, so you'll have to apparatus something up yourself utilizing flexible rope and some line locks.
Daisy chains along the base of the pack make it conceivable to lash a tent or resting sack underneath the pack.

There are likewise two daisy chains at the base of the pack, making it helpful to lash equip underneath, similar to a tent or a dozing sack.

You'll simply need to give your own particular webbing straps or strings to do this, as none are given.

The back of the Backpack is secured in work to wick away sweat with air channels between the cushions to expand air circulation.Backpack Frame and Suspension

The Kelty Redwing 50 :

  • Exceptionally basic casing, essentially an adaptable plastic sheet that openings into a pocket behind the shoulder straps, fortified with a middle aluminum remain.

  • The stay runs the distance down the back board, ending behind the hip belt's lumbar cushion in the hip belt itself, which is precisely what you need for good load exchange and control.

  • The mix gives the Backpack a decent adjust of firmness and sidelong adaptability, with a casing that can be utilized out of the crate with no extra alteration, for example, twisting the remain. I'd rate the upper weight point of confinement of the pack at 30 pounds, for the most part restricted by the volume limit of the pack.

  • Middle length is balanced by sliding the shoulder burden up or down. It slides behind the work back board and is controlled by basic webbing straps situated close to the hip belt. See video beneath for a show.

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  • The hip belt is pre-bended with draw forward change straps, and has hip control straps associated with the base corners of the pack for sidelong solidness.

  • The connection purpose of these webbing straps makes it difficult to give any hip belt pockets and sadly, there are no webbing circles of any sort to append reseller's exchange pockets or apparatus connections.

  • Too terrible about the hip belt stashes; I truly think they give a ton of accommodation to clients.

  • The Redwing's middle length is customizable by raising and bringing down the shoulder burden, which slides behind a work secured back board intended to wick sweat far from the wearer's back.

  • The position of the burden is controlled by an exceptionally straightforward webbing framework that is lightweight and extremely easy to change, without requiring that you measure your middle. It's an incredible thought, really, to demystify the middle estimating process.

The documentation for altering the middle length could be better however (there is none), like a connection to this video underneath.

  • This middle alteration framework works incredible in the event that you know how a rucksack ought to feel when it's appropriately fitted, yet less so in the event that you don't.

  • In case you're new at this, I propose you inspire somebody to exhibit to you how the pack ought to feel when the length is balanced legitimately, so you can figure out how to do it without help.


The  knapsack is a very much planned, adaptable rucksack that can be utilized for an extensive variety of open air recreational and urban enterprises, with capacity and outer connection abilities that bolster an extensive variety of rigging records and ecological needs.

While its flexibility accompanies a slight weight punishment (3 pounds, 9.5 ounces), there's no denying that the Redwing 50's easy to-utilize, customizable casing framework is a gigantic advantage for youthful grown-ups and fledgling hikers who experience serious difficulties a pack that fits them appropriately with the right middle length.

In case you're searching for a rucksack that you can use in the forested areas, around the local area, and for travel, I think the new Kelty Redwing 50 has a considerable measure to offer, but on the other hand it's a fine knapsack only to hike and hiking, and a great esteem at the cost.

The Good:

Movable middle length

Novel side pocket connection framework

Beat stacking access to principle compartment

Magnificent authoritative elements

Stack lifters

THE Bad:

No hip belt pockets

Side work pockets are flush with ground

More helpless to harm

Producer Specifications

Volume: 3100 in3/51 L

Outline Type: Internal

Weight: 3 lbs 11 oz/1.66 kg (only 3 pounds 9.5 ounces on the Section Hiker scale)

Middle Fit Range: 15.5 – 21 in/39 – 53 cm

Midriff Belt Fit Range: One size as it were. Scarcely fits me with a 36″ midriff. The cushioned bit of the hip belt is 29″ long.

Measurements: 26 x 16 x 12 in/66 x 41 x 30 cm

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